Why choose our broadband?

When choosing a broadband provider your choices aren’t limited to the big six. These do cater to a wide audience and as a result sometimes suffer from poor customer service and other issues. In this article, I want to talk about our services, where we shine and how we differ from the broadband giants.

Target demographic

Our services are geared towards power users and businesses. These categories of users tend to have similar requirements, such as:

  • Predictable performance;
  • An ISP who won’t read from a script;
  • Technical staff members to talk to about issues if and when things go wrong;
  • Control over their connection and statistics about its performance;
  • UK Based Support;
  • Fair contract terms!

So, why choose our broadband?

Choice of carrier

We have two network carriers available for broadband and double that for leased lines. The majority of our customers are provisioned on the TTB LLU backhaul products but we do offer BT Wholesale as an option for slightly more money. Some of our customers take one connection on each backhaul carrier to provide resiliency in case of any issues. If you would prefer to use one carrier over another or want a connection on each carrier for resiliency, please do let us know at the time of ordering.

Our Control Panel

One of our goals was to provide customers with as much control as possible over their broadband. This includes visibility and transparency of any connection issues, sync speeds, latency and more. As such, we’ve designed our own bespoke control panel to fit the needs of our customers and we continually take on board feedback to improve it. Some of the features currently available are as follows:

  • Set reverse DNS for any IP addresses assigned to you;
  • View your latency plotted on a graph in near realtime;
  • See broadband session history;
  • Analyse your current and previous sync speeds;
  • Easily view router settings so you can configure your own router for the service;
  • Check authorisation logs if you’re having trouble connecting;
  • Configure free SMS alerts to monitor your connection.

Please keep an eye out on our blog for a more detailed article on this coming soon!

Static IPs

All of our services come with static IPv4 and IPv6 addressing as standard. This allows you to host services from your home or office such as a VPN or Mail Server.

In addition to the above, you can request additional IPs if sufficient justification is provided.

Short Contracts

Our ADSL broadband and FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband services both come with 1 and 12 month contract options. As we mention on our homepage, “do business with us because you want to, not because you’re tied in.”

No Filtering

We don’t currently have in place any filtering to prevent access to certain websites and we we’ll do our best to keep it that way!

Enhanced Care

All of our Business broadband products come with enhanced care and premium traffic weighting as standard. This is also standard on our Home FTTC products but is an optional extra on our Home ADSL broadband.

As you can see, we have a lot to offer you as a customer and hope that we can do business with you soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements with us, please do get in touch.

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