Terms of Service

Please see below for the Terms & Conditions relevant to each product. The 'Master Services Agreement' is a more general Terms and Conditions whilst the individual service Terms and Conditions are more specific to the service you are purchasing:

  • Master Services Agreement
  • Broadband (please also see below)
  • Line Rental (please also see below)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Server
  • Broadband and Line Rental (Summary)

    Due to the differing nature of provision for broadband and line rental services, please see below for an abridged version of our Terms and Conditions for these services. The aim of this is to summarise some key points for you but you should still read the relevant Terms and Conditions for each product by clicking the links above.

    How we provide our services

    Unchained ISP Limited provide broadband services over a traditional copper telephone line, fibre optic cabling or a combination of the two. If you take a copper phone line from us as part of your broadband provision then this phone line can only be used to make emergency calls, all other outbound calls are barred. If you are taking broadband from us on an existing phone line with another provider then your phone service will remain unaffected unless you decide at the point of ordering that you want us to migrate your phone line to us from the other provider.

    Contract Terms
    1. During the order process, you have the option to select certain packages which have a minimum contract term of 1 month and certain packages which have a minimum contract term of 12 months.
    2. If you wish to cancel or migrate your service during the minimum contract term of 1 month, we cannot provide you with any refunds in regards to the period you have already paid for. As outlined on the Home and Business pages you may also be charged a cease fee as imposed on us by our suppliers.
    3. If you wish to cancel or migrate your service during the minimum contract term of 12 months, you will have to pay early termination charges which are calculated as the regular monthly cost of your broadband service multiplied by the number of months left to run in your contract term.

    Installation & Engineer Visits
    1. In many cases, an engineer visit won’t be required for us to provision your broadband service, however if an engineer visit is required then we will confirm engineer availability with you and book an appointment as appropriate. If we need to change the installation date then we will try to contact you a minimum of two working days before the scheduled date. If you wish to change or cancel any appointment date you must tell us at least three working days before the scheduled appointment or we may charge you a missed appointment fee.
    2. On the day of installation, there must be an adult present to speak with the engineer. If this adult isn’t you then you must designate someone who is authorised to make decisions on where to locate and install any equipment.

    1. By requesting service as soon as possible, or for provision within 14 days of order, it is agreed that the consumer right to cancel the order will cease once service is provided within 14 days of order, even if the service has not yet been used. You may have to pay any charges we have already incurred such as connection / activation fees. These charges are outlined at /plans.php

    Broadband Speeds

    1. Although we provide ‘up to’ speeds for each broadband product we sell, this only represents the maximum possible speed for that product, not necessarily the speed you will achieve. This is because there are many factors which influence the speed of a broadband connection such as how far away your home or business is from the local telephone exchange or local cabinet and as a result, the length of your telephone line.
    2. We provide an ‘availability checker’ on our website located here which allows you to estimate the maximum download and upload speeds you are likely to achieve taking into account the factors mentioned above. The speed that is estimated is not guaranteed and may change over time. The technologies used to provide broadband service automatically adapt to the characteristics of your phone line to provide the service and as such your speeds may vary.
    3. Other factors such as the router you use, the site or service you are connecting to online or whether or not you are using Wi-Fi also means you may see a variation in speed.

    1. We do our best to provide a high-quality service but things can break. When they do we try and fix things as quickly as we can but this may take days. In these instances compensation doesn’t normally apply and we limit liability at most to what you have paid. For a service this is the amount paid for the time each service was broken.
    2. The internet is a vast network of computers managed and controlled by thousands of organisations across the world. Do not blame us if you find things you don’t like or if something is broken somewhere on the internet. We do not filter or censor anything and will do our best to keep it that way.
    3. There are acceptable rules of behaviour on the internet, we reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your service for abusive use of the internet with little or no notice.
    4. Our broadband services are rate adaptive services which mean the speeds achieved are determined by line length and quality, internal wiring, your router, and even the weather. As such, your speeds can vary over time.
    5. The line speeds we provide as estimates are not guaranteed.

    Cease a service
    1. If you wish to cease your service you need to contact us and wait for confirmation. As mentioned under ‘Contract Terms’ some of our services have a cease charge associated with them. We outline these on the Home and Business pages.

    1. If you miss an engineer appointment then charges will apply, these are detailed on the Home and Business pages.
    2. In the event you raise a fault with us that requires an engineer to visit your premises then charges may apply, these too are detailed on the Home and Business pages.
    3. We reserve the right to pass on to you, on a cost basis (adding no additional percentage increase) any charges levied by our Service Provider / Supplier to which it is exposed as a result of the Client and/or its Users' and/or Additional Users’ actions.

    A few other things

    You confirm that you have the authority to order this service. We keep records of this confirmation along with your name, address, and contact details. We keep this information for at least a year to comply with OFCOM rules and may keep it for longer.

    Our terms are updated from time to time. You are agreeing to these terms when placing any orders with us.

    We normally communicate with you via e-mail and not via post. This includes the sending of invoices and other notices.

    If you have a dispute then you need to allow us time to try and resolve your problem. In some cases you may be able to take a case to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). We are a member of CISAS (Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme). You agree that our limits of liability in this contract apply even in such cases and will not accept any award in excess of these. English law applies and English courts shall be used.

    As mentioned previously under ‘Cancellation’, by requesting service as soon as possible or for provision within 14 days of order, it is agreed that the consumer right to cancel the order will cease once service is provided within 14 days of order, even if the service has not yet been used.